What's that funny smell?

A smell that doesn't fit the environment and the current situation can easily be the first clue for the accidental release of chemical agents.

Although the counties and independent cities have special units for those cases, it might be that even they come to the end of their tactical and operational limits. For that instance, the association of chemical industries has created the Transportation Accident Information and Support System (TUIS).

The head of the BASF fire departement, Mr. Gert Van Bortel will explain the possible scenarios where TUIS can support and how that will come to pass.

BOS-Stammtisch 4/2018
Wednesday, November 21st, 19:00 hours
Bremerhof Kaiserslautern
Transportation Accident Information and Support System (TUIS)
Mr. Gert Van Bortel, BASF

Everyone is welcome. This topic is not only one that is important for firefighters, but for all first responders and emergency management personnel.
We're happy to have such an outspoken expert in that field as our guestspeaker, so we're looking forward to some interesting aspects and questions.