German Railways Emergency Management

Most providers of crucial infrastructures in Germany maintain their own emergency management structures. The German Railroad System is one of the safest ways to travel, but nevertheless does the Deutsche Bahn provide trained personnel to act as liaison to the incident commander in the case of an emergency in the rail service.
As Kaiserslautern is situated next to the POS-line (Paris Ost - Süddeutschland) with high speed trains running in excess of 200 km/h there is always the possibility of a severe accident including railway engines and carriages. How to safely operate in that hazardous environment is the remit of the emergency manager the DB will in such a scenario send out to the site.
We present one such individual who will tell us all about his responsibilities, ressources and way of alerting.

So please be welcome on

February 28th 2018, 1900 hours at the Bremerhof Restaurant, Kaiserslautern
German Railways Emergency Management

Mr. Willi Burkey

We hope to see many of you there.